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This Android application allows you to view Everquest® and Everquest® II guild, character and item details extracted from and Sony's public data feeds. Search for guilds, character and items and view their stats including guild members, equipped items and stats.  Chat with members of your guild.

To access guild chat, long-press on the name of a guild either on the favourites screen or the guild search screen and select the appropriate menu item.


Note that guild chat requires you to enter your Sony Station username and password.  I can assure you that I don't steal this data but in the end it's up to you whether you trust me enough to enter that data.  Baseless accusations of data theft in feedback on the Android market will, however, be reported as harassment to Google and may lead to legal action on grounds of libel or defamation.  This application has been made open source so feel free to check for yourself whether you trust this software.  One word of warning though, rooted phones allow other applications unfettered access to private data so be careful to which apps you grant superuser permissions.

This application is not endorsed by Sony Online Entertainment except for a friendly "good luck" from Kiara, the EQ2 Community Manager :)


How to Install

You can download the application directly from this page if you have enabled installation of non-Market applications.  QuestForever is also available from the Android Market


Follow development at

Change Log

The changelog can be found here

Licence and Source Code

Quest Forever is open source and distributed under the Gnu Public Licence v3.0.  Put simply this means that anyone can download the source code for free and build and modify it themselves however the code may not be used in any commercial applications and any changes that are made by contributors must be disclosed.  Part of the reason for this is that Quest Forever handles sensitive data (usernames and passwords) and so users should be able to trust the code which is a lot easier if they can read it for themselves.  If anyone is interested in contributing to the project please feel free to email the author.

The source code repository is available at

Known Problems

Bug tracking is now through JIRA:

Issues Caused by SOE (i.e. stuff I can't fix)

  • Guild chat is limited to /guildsay, /tell and log-in/log-out events.  I can't add support for item discoveries, guild level dings, character dings, officer chat and a myriad of other things that aren't supported by the protocol.
  • The app can't search for data on servers that Sony's data source doesn't support such as PvP Test and Testcopy.

Things to Do

Tasks are now handled through JIRA:  This is an open JIRA board with an open source unlimited user licence so feel free to sign up and report bugs or request features.


If you want to contact the author (Uxian) with any suggestions or bug reports, please feel free to do so using the address uxian DOT tw AT gmail DOT com.

Please note that I am not working on new features and enhancements as much as I was a little while ago due to a new job with later hours and a much longer commute eating up much of my spare time.  Feel free to request features and I will get around to them eventually (I may have a lot of free time on my hands after June).  I will give priority to bug reports however and attempt to get problems fixed within 24 hours of receiving an email.


Credit also to PacDV Free Sound Effects for the little 'pop' sound you hear when receiving a tell:
I'd like to send out a big "thank you" to those people who have mailed me report faults and provided extra information for helping to get things resolved quickly
Most of all thanks to Sony Online Entertainment for 5 years of fun and counting


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